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#19 What software do you use?

"Hi, I was wondering what software program you use to make your stuff?"

I'm a long time GIMP girl!  I did try using Inkscape, but it frustrated me more than it helped.  I couldn't afford Photoshop and my sister steered me towards GIMP.  For me it was the perfect solution once I took some classes in SL to learn how to use the program.  But that was just the basics, and it didn't teach much about how to design clothing.  However, it did teach me how to make a shirt, and that was a crucial start for me.  After that, I literally zoomed upward in skills.  It was like those lessons had given me the freedom to finally design what was in my head.

I've used GIMP nearly every day for over three years now.  I know the in's and out's of this program better than any other software I have  I've had people express surprise that it can do the things I've done with it.  My surprise is that anyone would think it couldn't!  It is indeed a free software program, but that doesn't make it a shoddy product.

As an artist I enjoy working on the pixel level at times, and so GIMP works for me.  For other folks, Photoshop may be the way to go when designing digital clothing.  Photoshop does make the resizing of textures easier I'm told, and keeps the picture integrity, but I never did get the hang of working in Inkscape, which is the PS freeware equivalent.  So GIMP was stuck with me.

I really believe it is what you are most comfortable with and enjoy using.  While I wouldn't turn down a free, licensed version of Photoshop, or even Maya (hey, a girl can dream!), for now I'm fastest with GIMP.

You too, can use GIMP!  Go to that link to download the program.

Builder's Brewery in Second Life gives some free GIMP classes. 

There is also GIMPsters, which is a group.  The head of that group, Cala and her partner Ima, gave me valuable lessons.  It does cost money to take the 10 week course, but it is well worth it if you're serious about wanting to learn GIMP applications in SL.

And that's me and software . . . so far!